Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Designer Review... La Petite Chambre

A child's bedroom can be so many things, a place to sleep, play and create memories... But how do you decide on the best theme to suit your child, their personality and use the space you have?

Sally Screnci of La Petite Chambre helps Sydney mums create unique and beautiful nurseries that are fun, contemporary and definitely steer away from the mainstream ideals of what a nursery should look like! When Sally's first child arrived, her nesting instinct took over whilst she looked for bright colorful ways to decorate her nursery. Not finding anything that inspired her, Sally decided to create her own range of baby & kids room decor, La Petite Chambre.

Not only is Sally's range bright with positive imagery, it also inspires imagination, creativity and raises awareness of colors encouraging interaction! You can find Sally and her range at Allies Attic Sat 18 September at our Cronulla Markets.

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