Sunday, September 5, 2010

Allies Attic Partner Profile.. Shire Nannies

I love being a mummy but sometimes even I miss abit of "us time" with hubby and myself.. A sat night where we can dress up, go out for a nice meal minus the french fries being thrown across the room and maybe even sit and listen to some live music? Only problem is now with Master Izac almost 2 years I'd rather have him in bed by 8pm then bother with a screaming challenge in a restaurant..

Becoming parents is a lifestyle choice which I wouldn't have any other way but I do also think its nice to have some alone time hence why I started investigating credible baby sitters / nannies to do nights in whilst we had a few hours to ourselves.. Doesn't happen often but even once every few months is a blessing!

Call me old fashioned but I prefer to use a regular sitter, perhaps it just feels like a trusted family member who can get used to how your household runs and your child can also form a bond. I just love this idea. So when I started thinking about using a nanny agency I also thought about how such a service might help our Allies Attic customers...

Our Spring Market has some exciting changes on board, more variety, more designers and a great festival vibe. You can bring the family and husbands & partners can enjoy a watching Sunday football upstairs or listen to some live music whilst you browse our lovely stalls. Exclusive partner, Shire Nannies will also be running our Activity Kraft Korner for the kids.. yes that's right a professional nanny agency on board to help entertain the kids with lots of fun activities.

Its also a perfect opportunity to meet Shire Nannies Founder, Erin Hewett (pictured above) first hand. A nanny agency based in the Sutherland & St George area, Erin started Shire Nannies after noticing a gap in services for families looking for alternatives to care. Her clients are often parents who prefer consistency in care options and like the one on one interaction allowing for better development whilst enjoying no pickup's or drop offs. Erin is also a Mother of two and Early Childcare teacher who has worked in the industry for over 14 years. The benefits of utilizing a nanny include less disruption to the children's environment as well as not to mention not having to take a day off work if your child is sick.

You'll be able to meet Founder Erin and her amazing team at Allies this month!

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