Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Designer Review: Identitaet

It has been such an exciting time in the lead up to our September market, and we have been busy little bees on our talent skouting mission. It was at the recent Young Blood Designer Market at The Power House Museum, that we first set our eyes upon Identitaet, and were thrilled when their application popped up in our inbox!

Identitat is the German word for Identity, and one of the creative outlets for busy Fashion Designer Svenja. We fell in love with the bold prints on these reversible bandana dribble bibs and Newsboy Caps, made here in Sydney, using a combination of 100% cotton plain corduroy on one side and funky stars or stiped printed fabric on the reverse. So stylish and oh so cute!
Svenja couldn't be happier since her move to Australia, revelling in the outdoors, sunshine, and a spot of yoga on the beach - and as such, has also released a range of comfortable yoga wear and accessories.
With her hand to many projects including felt accessories, and hand screen printing, it will be exciting to see the unique products that Svenja introduces to the Allie's Attic community, "I've got a passion for all kinds of textiles, and sitting on my sewing machine is like meditation to me". With a philosophy that centres around fun, feminity, simplicity and comfort, we look forward to sharing Identitaet with you!

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