Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Designer Review: launching Lady Soldier!

By now you might have heard the hype, Allies is expanding! I really love the idea that whilst we mums are shopping for gorgeous baby and kids things we might also be able to find some fabulous keepsakes for ourselves in our travels.
With only weeks away until our Spring Launch & our new look, I thought it might be time to unveil some of the unique designers we've found to showcase in our attic.

Sydney Jewelery Designer, Lady Soldier transforms simple combinations of beads, chains and ornaments into a statement jewelery piece. The creator of this newly launched label is Tao, a Northshore girl who after completing her Masters in Interactive and Digital Media, has decided to try her hand at all things handmade! Its contemporary meets vintage charm. And just where does this designer draw her inspiration from? Its Tao's mum, who inspired her daughter from a young age, being handy with the needle and thread herself, handmaking Tao's clothes when throughout her childhood. A few years on, Tao now turns her creative genes towards the beautiful creation of her keepsake jewelery.
Like what you see? Save the date for our September 18th Spring Market! As we provide talented designers such as Tao with a lanching pad to showcase their designs!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sydney Womens Network Supports Shire Women In Business!

I always envisaged running my own business but thought.. how could I go from earning a full time wage to nothing for who knows how long.. and then after having Izac and essentially having no wage that fear was gone.. with nothing to loose I kept thinking I have everything to gain! For me, starting Allies came at the right time because I kept that thought in my mind.

Coming from a corporate background I have always used networking companies to increase my brand awareness and more than anything increase my potential client base to contacts I wouldn't otherwise make.. I've found that potential customers like to build positive business relationships and draw on these contacts when in need.. I know myself I'd rather ring someone I know for a quote then go and source a new supplier. I think its because it makes me feel more comfortable.. Now with Allies, I'm fortunate enough to work with mostly women (who are so much more logical in getting things done)... and came across a women networking group called Sydney Women's Network..

Just like many of us the founders of SWN, Cindy Steele and Natalie Moutia started from scratch to create a group based on like minded professional business woman all interested in growing their businesses, learning and expanding their business base of contacts. I love their genuine nature and willingness to lend a hand. I've even been to a few of their meetings, lunches and Expo in the last month and really enjoyed meeting with woman in similar business situations to learn how they dealt with problems, mistakes and hear some success stories!

With 11 existing locations, SWN was also asked recently by the Shire council to start up a new group in the Sutherland Shire to help local business woman achieve their goals and will be holding a free networking Launch. I'm going along and would love to meet some fellow shire women in business too!

To attend you'll need to register for this free networking event as tickets are limited.

Date: 10 September 2010

Time: 12:00 PM

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre
782 Kingsway
Gymea 2227

Register Here if you'd like to come along! Hope to see you there..


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Allies Open's Its Doors To Sydney Women's LifeStyle Designers!

Expect the lavish, beautiful and unique as we open our doors to include a full range of women's lifestyle products this Spring! Allies Attic will grow to showcase some of Sydney's most talented Designers & Artisans, an exciting expansion ahead as we open yet another room in our attic of surprises!

Our journey since we launched in November 2009 has been amazing with markets in Hunters Hill, Paddington & Mosman before setting up home in the Sutherland Shire earlier this year.

We're located by the beach side suburb of Cronulla and the event makes for the perfect day trip, to enjoy the coastal scenery and trendy café culture that is on offer. At the market, there is a festival vibe, featuring live music, good food, a children's craft activity area, supervised by Shire Nannies, qualified child care professionals, and of course, a stylish,
boutique shopping experience.

I know most of our customers are also fashion savvy and will delight in meeting face to face with the designers, who will be excited to talk you through the inspiration behind their Spring Summer collections. And if you're about to undertake an annual household spring clean toss out the old, as you will find the most stunning selection of hand crafted home wares and textiles at the market, perfect for a stylish home makeover.

Allies Attic supports local designers including kids fashion wear label, Cheeky Chickies as featured regularly in Shop4Kids, Little One Baby, Studio Bambini and My Child magazines. We're also proud to be showcasing unique women’s wear designer, Natasha Dwyer of Arthur Ave You may have seen this extraordinary Shire local on the Kerrie-Anne Show recently, as she is the talent behind the inspirational National Costume to be worn by Australia's Jesinta Campbell, in the upcomming Miss Universe pageant!

Allies Attic is a premier Sydney must do event for the calendar and offers extensive free parking, free entry, easy access and is also accessible by public transport. Held on Saturday 18th September from 10.30am-3.30pm.

Allie x

Friday, August 6, 2010

You're Fast Asleep & Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off..What Would You Do?

Its one of those things you think will never happen to you. Really what's the chance of your house burning down and if it did what would be the first thing you took whilst trying to save your life? Family photos? Passport? Mobile Phone? Chances are if you were in that situation the only thing that would really matter is getting everyone out of the house in time.

My heart went out this week to Bowral local, Lisa Rochiax and her family when I heard about their story. The fire was going through the house so quickly that they only had time to get all four kids out of bed and grab a mobile phone. The house has been totally destroyed with not much retrieved except for a few odds and ends.

And now here comes the mammoth task in rebuilding their lives and replacing everything from the simple items to larger home appliances not to mention the house itself. Lisa's story was actually introduced by a friend of hers, Katie Alpen who's just as passionate as me in helping others in a time of need.

Along with Allies Attic I also have another hat in which I am also a signatory BraOlogist. Today infact I'm going along to a Allies Attic designers house to hold a Lingerie party.. where no doubt I'll spend a few hours styling, measuring and fitting Katie's friends for new bra's.. It's Katie that rang me to tell me about Lisa.. and hence our idea to hold today's party as a fund raising venture for Lisa to help her replace a few essential items.. Ahhh how i love two minds getting together for the greater good!

I'd also like to rally together and help Lisa and her family to replace some much needed items as quickly as possible. All help would be appreciated and every bit counts!

Here's how you can help:-

- Purchase any item from Intimo Lingerie for yourself directly through today's Fundraiser and 10% of sales will be used to purchase much needed items for Lisa (this will include everyday bra's, undies etc). The Intimo Collection can be viewed at www.intimo.com.au

The lingerie includes everything from everyday bra's to active sports bra's, intimate items and maturity options. To purchase please email myself at allie.duval@intimo.com.au with your contact details, item size, code and color; You can also ring me direct on 0414 601 057. Purchases for the fundraiser will close 5pm Thursday 12th August, 2010.

- In case you're not looking to purchase you may also like to donate directly to the fundraiser for Lisa to purchase something.. It doesn't need to be a huge amount, $5, $10 or $20 would be greatly appreciated; Please contact me directly to find out how you can donate.

- Book a Intimo Lingerie Party via myself before the end of the fundraiser next Thursday. This will entitle Lisa to more credits to purchase items with;

- Post a link to this page on your Facebook/ Blog and tell your friends who you think might be interested in helping too, and/or spreading the word!

- If you are an Allies Attic Designer you may also wish to donate clothing/ accessories for Lisa's children. Their are four children including Kiara 9, Noah 4, Emmerson 4, Luca 1; please email me at allie@alliesattic.com.au for a forwarding address;

Lisa's story could happen to anyone of us and maybe that's why I'm so passionate about helping her! Mostly its nice to help one of us when it does happen. Now I'm asking for your help to make it a little easier for Lisa. Can't wait to see how much we help Lisa's family!!!