Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September Designer Review: launching Lady Soldier!

By now you might have heard the hype, Allies is expanding! I really love the idea that whilst we mums are shopping for gorgeous baby and kids things we might also be able to find some fabulous keepsakes for ourselves in our travels.
With only weeks away until our Spring Launch & our new look, I thought it might be time to unveil some of the unique designers we've found to showcase in our attic.

Sydney Jewelery Designer, Lady Soldier transforms simple combinations of beads, chains and ornaments into a statement jewelery piece. The creator of this newly launched label is Tao, a Northshore girl who after completing her Masters in Interactive and Digital Media, has decided to try her hand at all things handmade! Its contemporary meets vintage charm. And just where does this designer draw her inspiration from? Its Tao's mum, who inspired her daughter from a young age, being handy with the needle and thread herself, handmaking Tao's clothes when throughout her childhood. A few years on, Tao now turns her creative genes towards the beautiful creation of her keepsake jewelery.
Like what you see? Save the date for our September 18th Spring Market! As we provide talented designers such as Tao with a lanching pad to showcase their designs!

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