Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Designer Review: Etre Candles

Derived from a French word meaning “ to be “, être candles, is a family run, Australian owned boutique business that creates premium scented candles. être candle company started four years ago with an intense passion to create highly scented candles of distinction.

The Candles, made from Palm Wax, are expertly created from only the finest quality ingredients. Made to their unique recipe, each candle is lovingly handcrafted by expert candle makers and not mass produced. Therefore, the personal care taken in their manufacturing means that the candle fragrance will not run out until the last drop of wax is burned. With over 30 different fragrances to choose from, these candles are a MUST to burn!

être candles inspiration to create comes from être designer and founder Gia’s passion in all things scented.

"I guess what makes être different from other candle companies is that they use Palm Wax instead of soy which is what 90% of other candle companies use". Gia continues, "I like to be different and believe that the aroma you will get from one of our Palm Wax candles will be far stronger than most Soy candles currently on the market". être Palm wax is sourced from well regulated estates in the USA where there is no harming of the Orangutan habitat.

So not only do they care for the environment and planet around us, they also create some of the most divinely fragrant candles on the Australian market to date!

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