Friday, September 10, 2010

September Designer Review.. Mougiddy

It started with a cuppa when Melanie and Rema, two crazy mothers decided they needed abit more to life.. This was back in 2009 when Mougiddy was born and so they set to design beautiful unique items for their children and then others.

Often the dining table was their main designated working area, patterns were drawn, materials were cut and chocolate biscuits were devoured.. I'm liking these girls already!

Mougiddy's Spring Range includes their best selling items such as Bibs and Travel Pencil/Crayon Wallet Set. They are also releasing some exciting new products including Spring Pram Liners and a baby towel wrap, sure to be an essential item! I can't wait to see their new collection in linen including a matching quilt set in a safari theme which also complements their small bedroom furniture pieces including Mougiddy Time Out Chair, Toybox and / or Bookcase!

You'll find Mougiddy at our September Markets on 18th September at Sharkies!

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