Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Designer Review: Leonie Simpson | Jewellery Design

I am absolutely thrilled to be writing a guest post on Inside The Attic today!
When the decision was made to expand the Allie's Attic product categories, it opened up the doors to such a massive talent pool of designers. Having a bit of a crush on boutique markets myself, with a love for sourcing unique and superbly made products, and blogging when I can,I couldn't resist the temptation to get out there myself and do a bit of talent scouting and head hunting.
One of my most exciting finds is jewellery designer Leonie Simpson.
Through out her school years, Leonie developed a keen interest in art and design, particularly photography, ceramics and jewellery,however, like many of us, did not follow this direction initially in her chosen career, and began to find herself uninspired, longing for motivation and frustrated with the direction her life was heading, she made the brave decision to quit her job and start on this new adventure! Leonie says, "I haven't looked back since!"

And we can certainly see why...

Leonie works with a unique product called Polymer Clay, to create funky, colourful beds, embellishments and pendants. She finishes each piece with natural leather or cotton cord. The pieces are refined, yet striking. Real statement pieces! New to her repetoire will be the addition of resin and silver - looking forward to seeing these creations.

Leonie's designs are inspired by nature, drawing on the imagery of her neighbourhood landscape of bushland and the river. Leonie relays, "I find colour itself very emotive. I also love visiting galleries with my sketchbook, spending time with my favourite works, and being inspired by their creative energy".

It is an absolute honour to have the talents of Leonie Simpson showcasing at our Spring market. Leonie will be launching her new "Seasons" collection, where she explores the unique characteristics of the four seasons, presenting them in different forms. Leonie explains, "I have an interest in abstract and modernist art, and this is reflected in my pieces, where the use of colour and geometric shapes represents my ideas and designs".

You can see more of Leonie's works through her Blog and meet her in person at the Allie's Attic spring market on Saturday 18th September. I for one feel very priveleged to be working alongside such talent!

Guest Blogger: Deni Fowle aka Mrs Chicken (Cheeky Chickies)

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