Friday, September 10, 2010

Sydney Womens Sutherland Shire Launch..

Ever left a networking event and just thought, wrong crowd, wrong dynamics and no genuine energy? Today I visited the Sydney Women's Network Launch in the Sutherland Shire and enjoyed a energetic buzz in a room full of 100+ women. Now the idea of a networking luncheon is no one knows each other and yet these women had no problem in talking!!

But then, that's what we do best isn't it? We network, talk, meet find out what each other do and then how we can all help each other! I was amazed and in awe at the inspirational women in the room all down to earth, all quite friendly and all Shire locals. It was also really nice to hear women come up to me, tell me they've heard of Allies and that they can't wait for next weekend to see our amazing array of designers.

Allies Attic also had our very own trade table for the event where we showcased some amazing talent like Cheeky Chickies, Blucy, Forver Bliss Photograghy, Arthur Ave and Leonie Simpson Jewerelly giving guests the opportunity to see the sorts of designers we have on board at Allies.

By all accounts, our stall caused some excitement as I heard quite a few guests inquire if they could buy the key pieces on display... I myself wanted to take home Leonie's jewelery piece only made recently which hasn't even been photographed yet.. sadly it went home with Leonie but has promised to return itself to me after its been captained for Leonie's collection. I'll be counting down the days to bring my new piece home..

We were also photographed for the St George Leader to go into the paper next week.. I'm very passionate about providing a talent for emerging Australian artists and fortunate to have found such lovely designers.. I'd love to hear your feedback about our article next week. You can also see the Sydney Women Network founders, Cindy and Natalie pictured here at the event today!

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