Thursday, September 10, 2009

We're Packing Our Bags & Visiting Handmade In Canberra...

Now normally one would no actively advertise a fellow competitor but here at Allie's Attic we believe in collaborative power and we're packing our bags and heading to Canberra to visit Handmade Market this weekend. For those of you who haven't heard of Handmade Market, they bring together talented artists, designers, stylists, craftspeople and gourmets all under one destination. All in all - its a lovely day out and I'm sure to find something special there.

Now I'm a little nervous and alot excited about this weekends adventure out... My mother has offered to look after Little Izac and whilst she couldn't be happier I'm sad he won't be with us. Of course I'd like my parents to spend the extended time with him and am sure he'll be fine, I think its more me who won't cope..

The excited part of me says it will be fine and give me time to focus on all things lovely at Handmade.. ohhh and of course get to have a sleep in (oohhh how I miss this).. I've also organised for my husband to have a massage on Sat morning whilst I'm at Handmade and have booked in to hire bikes and ride around the lake on Sunday morning.. very adventure bound of me considering I haven't been on a bike since I was a wee little girl.. LOL.. stay tuned for the post about this one saying I rode into a tree!

Handmade here we come.. and in the meantime checkout Handmade's site


  1. I understand not wanting to leave your little one for a weekend but I'm sure he will be in good hands.... and it's for the greater good...Looking forward to hearing about your time in Canberra have a safe trip.

  2. Hey Allie,
    it was so great to have you at handmade, it was a little crazy NO?

    Your blog and site are looking amazing, well done