Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beauty Starts Within Comp - Win a $200 Voucher To Spend At Our Next Market

Even at a young age our kids display different personalities, whether it be timid, cheeky or playful? To celebrate individuality we're holding a "Beauty Within" Competition where you have the chance to Win a $200 Voucher to spend at our next MARKET! All you have to do is enter your fave Baby or Kids family pic. We're looking for pic's that display your child’s personality and best of all they don't have to be typical glamour shots... Need inspiration? Check out this great photo by Designer Miss Haidee!

First round of entries close Friday Oct 9th at 5pm. 5 Finalists will then be picked and Allies Attic Blog and FaceBook Fan Members will be allowed to vote for the winner. Voting will close a week later and the winner announced Sat 16th October. It’s as simple as that.. you decide the winner of our fantastic prize up for grabs.
Happy Snapping & don’t forget to tell your friends & family to vote for you! Please send your online pic’s to allie@alliesattic.com.au and include your name contact number and suburb.
Boring Rules

1. I cannot enter my own son.. Besides I want to see all your cute babies and kids… yep there are rules for a reason.. ha!
2. One entry per child, multiple entries are allowed per family if your have more than one child.
3. To enter or vote you must be either be following the Allies Attic Blog or Facebook FanPage.
4. Final Decision will be based on member votes and not be entered into. Simply put, majority rules.

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