Friday, September 4, 2009

What's Allie's Attic?

It’s no secret that when it comes to shopping Sydney mums are shop smart and savvy. We’ve gone ga ga for baby markets and buying and selling everything from quality pre-loved, handmade and retail baby and kids clothing and accessories.

And why with so many markets and quality ones at that has Allie’s Attic decided to launch?

Sydney is such a source for talented creators and artisans who produce gorgeous products that I wanted to create handmade heaven and really showcase and support our Australian designers and economy. Allie’s Attic talent is predominantly all Australian designers. I think after becoming a mum there’s a certain level of invincibility that hits you like a brick. Suddenly you can function with limited sleep, juggle even more tasks and for me it was about being driven enough to inspire others to achieve. Allie’s Attic is my dream to support other mums and their creativity whilst challenging generic mass produced childrens clothing. I think its time we recognised small business owners and supported home grown talent via our markets.

Recently I asked one of my designers & stallholders Sarah Peak of Madi & Me why she valued attending markets and her response was invaluable, “Consumers are now also searching for designer one off pieces of clothing for their child at a comparable price to buying something mass produced from a department store. Often handmade means limited production or one off designs as only make one or two is made in each item. Being handmade extra attention is paid to quality control to make sure everything is perfect before it goes out to the consumer". In fact, Sarah values the opportunity so much because she gets to meet her consumers at markets one on one as the principal designer and gain direct feedback regarding her product, an opportunity which she would not have selling her items through larger retail stores.

The buzz is about, handmade heaven has arrived.

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