Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Allies Attic Goes Live

Finally after months of preparation we have launched the Allies Attic website. I'm just in awe of how amazing it looks!

I can laugh about it now but it was 1% inspiration and the rest perspiration.. many thanks to the wonderful Amanda Coffey from Wonderlandia who's amazing skill created this website design.. You simply have to check out her work - talk about multi-tasking this girl is phenomenal.. she's a Marketing Manager by day for some very lucky Insurance folk and also manages to run her own graphic design company whilst whizzing up children's artwork on the side.. ohhh and did I mention she's also a young mum to Baby Jet.. funny story this but Jet and my little Izac are only 4 days apart.. (Jet's older).. I can so see them both in twenty years chasing all the pretty girls..

check out Amanda's Blog page at

I also spoke to the local papers today out towards Hunters Hill and organised some editorial coverage in the local news.. its all looking very positive with lots of community support.


  1. Congratulations Allie, the website looks fantastic.

  2. Huge congratulations. The design is gorgeous and the functionality is spot on.