Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Does Your Little Girl Dare To Be Different?

Perfect for a summers day are these cute as a button summer bonnets for little girls. Created by Sydney Designer, Andrea Marriette from Karimu also designs and makes breast feeding covers amongst other wonders specific to babies and kids.

And why do we love Karimu so much? Inspired by color, style and classic lines Karimu dares to be different.

You can check out Karimu at our next market at Hunters Hill on 14 Nov. In the meantime click onto their website...


  1. Hi Allie, the market looks like it's coming along nicely, with some Canberra girls too!! Sorry i can't make the trip up to my home town for a market. Fabulous to meet you at Handmade, thanks for making the trip down here. Super busy & now on school holidays, yippee, love Posie

  2. This bonnet is too cute!! I love that the style fits in with the new today!! I would wear it if it were a little bigger. Maybe Bubble will leave this on??!! hmm hehe

    xo Steph