Sunday, February 28, 2010

In Love With HandMade......

I'm often asked what it is that inspired me to launch Allies.. so many things come to mind including I get to work with such talented people as I go about my day sourcing all the wonderful Sydney designers to create a handmade haven...

Just look at these amazing sketches by Wonderlandia who create a whole new enchanting world within its own! I'm always amazed by creativity and love how the characters are brought alive!

Before the mortgage and Izac I didn't really think twice about how much things cost... sad but true. These days there's a budget that keeps me in line and suddenly everything's accounted for.. so much so that when it comes to household shopping a common question in our household is "do we really need it?".. can't argue with that logic, annoying but true! So whilst most things look beautiful there needs to be more to it to inspire us to part with our money..

Sure there's the everyday items that homebrand is just fine and I'm not ashamed to say it! But then there's special items that by looking at them I can just tell how much hard work, creativity and passion goes into making them..... and that's just the way I like it.. I love to be surrounded by beautiful things that don't cost the earth.. My home is my haven and think it should define our personalities, give us warmth and help capture our memories..

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