Sunday, February 14, 2010

There's A Buzz About Mosman

Up until now I've managed to actually avoid spending money at my own markets.. it was the odd piece here and there but yesterday I just think I managed to tip the scale somewhat and completely blow the budget... it is Izac's birthday around the corner.. yes that's what I kept telling myself as I just couldn't resist!
There was a certain community feel about to our first little Boutique Designer Market in Mosman with lots of mummies chatting away about how beautiful everything was. I also couldn't help but notice all the dad's out and about Saturday morning with their little ones coming down to the markets armed with a milkshake or two!

By the end of the markets my feet ache, I've forgotten to eat lunch (although my hips thank me for this) and I start to think about our next market in Cronulla March 20th. After turning on the computer I see the Sunny Mummy Blog who's just featured Allies Attic. Sunny Mummy who I hear you say?... Up until a few weeks ago I would have been asking the same question. You see, Sunny Mummy is every mums answer to keeping it real and finding the time for you just in case your days get so crazy. Have we so easily forgotten that if the captain goes down the ship can't continue to sail! Mind you that analogy is a Allies Attic special but in essence, Sunny Mummy is spot on in terms of positive affirmations... Created by a Sidney Sider, Stacey inspires her readers to live life and stop wishing away the hours.. Its about kindness, love and caring and all the fuzzy bits in between.. yep the Sunny Mummy bug has caught me too!

So inspired I am to share the love that I'll be playing dress up's with Izac and his new clothes this week. Stay tuned for photos!

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  1. I totally agree! It was a great venue and atmospher was really friendly!!! You've done a great job organising such a lovely market!

    Thank you so much for giving me a lift home! It was really kind of you! When my husband canceled the taxi, nobody even took a job yet so you saved me from waiting hours and hours!!!! Thank you so much!