Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Before You Were A Mummy You Were You...

"Before you were a Mummy, you were YOU! A woman, a daughter, a friend and so on... You had hopes, dreams and things you liked to do for YOU ... ALONE... "

I read this recently on the new
SUNNY MUMMY website. Normally I scan through new sites half reading whilst thinking about a million other things... Its a female trait right, multitasking and all that.. Well this site actually made me STOP and read..

Created by Sydney Mummy, Stacey Sullaphen,
Stacey's philosophy is simple.. A sunny mummy is someone who looks after herself so she has something left to give her family.... And although skeptical I have to say Sunny Mummy site is so much more than fluffy peaches and cream!

Sunny Mummy celebrates motherhood and explores the many influences we as woman experience. Stacey has also designed her own simple effective tools to help everyday mums organise their time better!

Whilst Allies Attic is for all things handmade I am a advocate for products to make our lives as mums easier! When I see something I like, I'm like a little girl in a candy store eyes wide open giddy with excitement. Off I've gone to ask Stacey to bring her fabulous products to our Cronulla Market on Sat 20th March and she's agreed! Yay for Allies, we're so pleased to have her and just know everyone will love her as much as we do!!!

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