Monday, February 22, 2010

Can I Hear A Kookaburra?

I spoke to a friend recently who told me instead of having a birthday party for her one year old she and her husband decided to pay for the food to feed a refuge of 200 people in the inner city of Sydney.... I left our lunch that day in admiration of how entirely selfless this is. So much so that its inspired me to look at ways Allies Attic can make a difference to the local community.

So here's what I'm thinking.... As our markets are now monthly alternating between Cronulla & Mosman wouldn't it be great to support two local charities in both areas? Our next market day is in Cronulla Sat 20 March and this is where my new charity venture will start.. We've contacted local charity Camp Kookaburra Inc. and set it all up!

Camp Kookaburra supports children and young people, 8 to 16 years old from families affected by mental illness by providing camps and other activities that are fun, healthy positive and safe. Sounds great yes?

I'm open to suggestions on exactly how this will work and would love to hear from you.. A raffle perhaps? A chilren's fashion parade? Who knows... our imaginations the limit...

And of course, if anyone knows of any local charities in the North Shore area, drop me a line.. I'd love to hear about them!


  1. You are AMAZING!! I love this and I think you have selected a wonderful wonderful charity. I like the idea of a raffle, maybe an entry donation, maybe they can have a stall as part of the raffle (to generate more $). I'll put my thinking cap on. And it's my youngests birthday on Sat. Gonna take the lead of your friend and give that refuge a call. I just LOVE what you do Allie x

  2. Oh I feel so slack now - we are having a birthday party for Jet in two weeks... but maybe we can still do something... like charge entry to the jumping castle? (maybe not - lol)

    I agree you have chosen a fantastic charity - Wonderlandia are happy to donate artwork and clothing to the raffle prize if thats what you end up going ahead with :)

  3. Thanks for your support guys! i think its nice to support the less fortunate, really believe in the cycle of karma!

  4. What a wonderful thing to do.
    If only more people thought this way - Myself included.
    Changing my mind set as of now.

    Andrea - Karimu

  5. Just to follow up...have skipped the party with money to the refuge instead and now taking the little one and his bro and sis and best mate out for fun in the sun and candle lit cupcakes. Noice :). xx

  6. And that's the way it works... one action causes a chain reaction.. just look at how my friend (you know who you are!!) has influenced us all! Simply Love it!

  7. Love a good old raffle!