Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stand Out From The Crowd

Must be the week for the inner Rock Star in me bursting to come out... On Sat Allies Attic is off to Baby Loves Disco to sponsor the Magical Massage Chamber.. really looking forward to the amazing vibe it promises to be. Madi & Me have also kindly donated a $50 Voucher to give away to the Best Dancer on the day.. we might just find the next "So You Think You Can Dance" star yet... Sat's excursion must be guiding me to all things funky just like the Cheeky Chickies clothing range (also pictured here).. suits the occasion yes?

We love all things bright and Cheeky Chickies, an ultra modern Australian clothing line is 100% certified by organic cotton not to mention the fact that bright colors is always a good way to spot your little Miss or Mr in a crowd! Their stylish 09/10 for children aged 0-4 reads like a choose your own adventure novel as their designs and color palette suit the bright and individual personalities of every little chickie.

Cheeky Chickies don't do subtle, they do loud and stand out from the crowd. Perfect for summer!

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