Friday, October 16, 2009

Funky Kix For Kids

Who agrees that finding quality funky wear for little boys is just sooooooooooo hard????.. I always pictured myself with a little girl.. one i could dress in beautiful little clothes with hair clips to go... might have something to do with the fact why I established Allies Attic. Yes, there you have it my secret motive.. finding that there was certainly a lack of funky little boys wear.. and maybe if the baby stork comes to visit again and brings me a little girl I'll know some pretty special designers in funky little girls wear too.. but ohhh how I love little girls clips... (just like the ones pictured here by Please Eloise).
I do also really like Kix Clothing summer range of pants and coordinates for boys.. they also do some great reversible girls dresses. In the meantime I have I'm looking forward to seeing Kix at the first Alllies Attic in Nov. Might even buy some of these pants pictured here for Izac..

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  1. oh yes I think every mummy needs a little girl!!!!! my little miss had her nails done on my lap yesterday while I had my toes done and loves shopping, babycino's, lipgloss and everything pink!!! she's 3!