Sunday, October 25, 2009

Does Your Baby Love To Boogie?

Imagine a place where parents could go with kids into a hip dance space? Something like you've never experienced, Baby Loves Disco is slowly but surely transforming the hippest night clubs into child-proof discos as toddlers, pre-schoolers and parents looking for a break from the routine playground circuit let loose for some post-naptime, pre-dinner fun. Make no mistake, this is not the Mickey Mouse club, and The Wiggles are banned. Baby Loves Disco is an afternoon dance party featuring real music, spun and mixed by real DJs, blending classic disco tunes from the 70s, & 80s - guaranteed to get those little booties moving and grooving.

The fun spills out from all corners of the club: bubble machines, baskets of scarves and egg-shakers, a chill-out room (with tents, books and puzzles), nappy changing stations, a full spread of healthy snacks. Oh and dancing. Lots of dancing. But at its core, Baby Loves Disco is a community event that brings kids together with kids and parents together with parents.

Allies Attic loves Baby Loves Disco so much that we are sponsoring a Magical Massage Chamber at this weekend Baby Loves Disco Halloween event.

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