Friday, August 6, 2010

You're Fast Asleep & Your Smoke Alarm Goes Off..What Would You Do?

Its one of those things you think will never happen to you. Really what's the chance of your house burning down and if it did what would be the first thing you took whilst trying to save your life? Family photos? Passport? Mobile Phone? Chances are if you were in that situation the only thing that would really matter is getting everyone out of the house in time.

My heart went out this week to Bowral local, Lisa Rochiax and her family when I heard about their story. The fire was going through the house so quickly that they only had time to get all four kids out of bed and grab a mobile phone. The house has been totally destroyed with not much retrieved except for a few odds and ends.

And now here comes the mammoth task in rebuilding their lives and replacing everything from the simple items to larger home appliances not to mention the house itself. Lisa's story was actually introduced by a friend of hers, Katie Alpen who's just as passionate as me in helping others in a time of need.

Along with Allies Attic I also have another hat in which I am also a signatory BraOlogist. Today infact I'm going along to a Allies Attic designers house to hold a Lingerie party.. where no doubt I'll spend a few hours styling, measuring and fitting Katie's friends for new bra's.. It's Katie that rang me to tell me about Lisa.. and hence our idea to hold today's party as a fund raising venture for Lisa to help her replace a few essential items.. Ahhh how i love two minds getting together for the greater good!

I'd also like to rally together and help Lisa and her family to replace some much needed items as quickly as possible. All help would be appreciated and every bit counts!

Here's how you can help:-

- Purchase any item from Intimo Lingerie for yourself directly through today's Fundraiser and 10% of sales will be used to purchase much needed items for Lisa (this will include everyday bra's, undies etc). The Intimo Collection can be viewed at

The lingerie includes everything from everyday bra's to active sports bra's, intimate items and maturity options. To purchase please email myself at with your contact details, item size, code and color; You can also ring me direct on 0414 601 057. Purchases for the fundraiser will close 5pm Thursday 12th August, 2010.

- In case you're not looking to purchase you may also like to donate directly to the fundraiser for Lisa to purchase something.. It doesn't need to be a huge amount, $5, $10 or $20 would be greatly appreciated; Please contact me directly to find out how you can donate.

- Book a Intimo Lingerie Party via myself before the end of the fundraiser next Thursday. This will entitle Lisa to more credits to purchase items with;

- Post a link to this page on your Facebook/ Blog and tell your friends who you think might be interested in helping too, and/or spreading the word!

- If you are an Allies Attic Designer you may also wish to donate clothing/ accessories for Lisa's children. Their are four children including Kiara 9, Noah 4, Emmerson 4, Luca 1; please email me at for a forwarding address;

Lisa's story could happen to anyone of us and maybe that's why I'm so passionate about helping her! Mostly its nice to help one of us when it does happen. Now I'm asking for your help to make it a little easier for Lisa. Can't wait to see how much we help Lisa's family!!!


  1. Hi Allie, so pleased the family go out and happy to help put something together by way of support. Can you email me to arrange something? I don't live far so I can get a parcel of goodies together and might even be able to deliver it.
    Cheers Susan

  2. My heart goes out to the family. Will organise something for the kids, that is one girl and three boys is it? send me though their address.