Thursday, May 20, 2010

Australian-made is the way to trade

This article was published in the St George & Sutherland Shire Leader written BY BELINDA CONNOLLY

A NEW mum is doing her part to support small businesses by encouraging shoppers to buy Australian-made.

Allie Duval said she was disappointed when she started shopping for clothes for son Izac and discovered most items were mass-produced and imported.

She started Allies Attic, a market specialising in handcrafted, limited-edition pieces of clothing, accessories and homewares.

The indoor market will be held from 10am to 2pm at Sharkies this Saturday.

"Once I started shopping for him I realised everything was blue for boys and pink for girls,'' Mrs Duval said. "I wanted something that wasn't mass-produced.''

Items from local businesses including Tippy Toes, Cheeky Chickies and Blucy are sold at the markets.

"I was quite passionate about starting a market that would support small businesses and mums working at home,'' Mrs Duval said.

She spent several months researching designers at different markets to ensure the right mix of stalls. Her research paid off, with many shoppers commenting on the beautiful quality of clothing.

To make the shopping experience even more relaxing a craft table is set up to keep little hands busy.

"The support we're getting in the shire is just fantastic,'' Mrs Duval said. "There's definitely a need for it; there's not a lot out there like what we've got.''

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