Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seek And You Shall Find....

Walking into retail baby shops I'm constantly bombarded with blue is for boys and pink is for girls.. Whilst certainly pretty here lies exactly the reason Allies Attic was born.. and seek I did for unique beautiful products that were also original!

One of my favorite labels for boys is SOODAbub pictured on Izac my son here... I almost think Izac's whole wardrobe is SOODA.. this seasons range has everything from funky to dressy without the price tags to boot! And in between I'm not ashamed to say I shop generic for socks, singlets and extras here and there.. there's nothing wrong with mixing and matching now is there.

Now that's what I love about opportunity to be the best you can be... In becoming a mummy I also decided I wanted to use my business skills and bring genuine Australian labels to Sydney mums! No imports, No generic mass produced - just limited production beautiful local products... And in turn I also get to help mummies work from home whilst supporting their families.

Here I am a new WAHM (work at home mum).. doing something I honestly love! I'd love to hear more from you about what it is that inspires you and how you've turned it into a hobby or a career.. I know there's lots of us out there, tell me your story!


  1. Hi, I love your blog! Thanks for the opportunity to tell my story...

    After my first daughter was born, we were redecorating her room and I was looking for some original artwork. All I could find was art that was either mass produced, imported, or heavily branded (ie Bratz, Barbie etc).

    So I decided to put pencil to paper!

    In a nutshell, I have always drawn and painted, but hadn't been so active in recent years (due to career, babies etc).

    However, the artwork looked good, friends commented, orders started rolling in!

    I now sell on Etsy and Madeit and have several stores (local and international) that stock some of my range... Yay for WAHM's!!!!

    Louise (

  2. Helo! I too love your blog and everything that you do!
    I started up Little Spunky Monkey over 12 months ago, and although it is a slow process, I am now embarking on wholesale orders!
    I started off with a friend making babies and children's clothing, wraps, burp cloths and blankets, as well as some room decor items. Now, I employ 3 sewers to help me fill orders.
    Being a WAHM does mean odd hours (like tonight- just settling in at 12:23am lol) but also flexiable working conditions. There are certainly tough elements to it but I love doing it and am so inspired by the many clever mums out there.
    Keep up the god work- you certianl inspire me!
    Rebecca (

  3. I have just found your blog and website and am really hoping to get to your markets soon! So my style- and this sort of thing is really missing in country NSW.
    I run my home based business with my sister in law and best friend- I swear I am the luckiest WAHM in the world! To begin with I was a paper scrapbooker, but I became hooked on digital scrapbooking when my sister in law Louise began scrapbooking her two angel babies in memory albums. With a toddler, scrapbooking on the computer was SO much easier. To begin with, I made some gift albums for friends who had gone back to work and didn't have time to do anything with all of their digital photos. Some of them put in requests for grandparents and other family members, and after constantly hearing 'you should start a business doing that' we took the plunge last year and launched Beautiful Fairy. We named our business after Louise's first daughter Ella who started the journey for us.
    It isn't easy- it has been a very steep learning curve, and I still struggle to get my head around all the website stuff. But between the two of us, we bounce off each other and one of us can run the business if the other one is sick or tired or (very occassionally) on holidays. I love it!